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Current Management of Cancer-Associated Anorexia and Weight Loss

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Drs. Jatoi and Loprinzi provide a comprehensive but succinct overview of the management of cancer-associated anorexia and weight loss. These clinician researchers, who have added much to our understanding of this problem, present a balanced and reasonable approach to the management of these common paraneoplastic syndromes.

Benefit of Nutritional Support Limited

Almost 3 decades ago, it was hoped that enteral and parenteral support for the cancer patient would improve the longevity of and response to therapies. Unfortunately, controlled trials have shown that improved nutritional support does not make a suboptimal cancer therapy better.[1-4] In their review, the authors have described the limited circumstances under which optimal artificial parenteral nutrition will improve objectively measured outcomes. All occurring in the setting of possible complete control of malignancies, these circumstances include nutritional supplementation for perioperative support, accompanying therapeutic stem cell rescue after high-dose chemotherapy, and during aggressive primary radiation of localized head and neck cancer.

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