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Antisocial personality disorder or just antisociql traits ?

I work in a jail iand i would like to discuss With  my collegues sometinhg that really makes me worried. How can we, for sure, , make the differential diagnoses of a person who has antisocial personality disorder from a person who haS just  traits of antisocial personality disorder, but does not have a real antisocial personality disorder. Once i had a patient in prison  who had  a history of comitting  many robberies  since adolescence, used drugs, difficulty obbeying rules, but he said that when he was  a teen, his father gave him a gun and told him to kill a person, he said that he did not do that and that he suffered a lot with that.Observing his talking with a  policeman ,out of my office he said : How can i express my anger , i have inside ? That sentence demonstrated to me that he has an inner anger, but that he is afraid he losse control and does not want to behave agressively. Oserving him out of my office, without him being aware of this, i realize that he is really making a great effort to change.  I found out that  he frequently  feel the taste of blood in his mouth, feels strange  and feels the place strange and after these happens, he seldom tries to suicide. I made the diagnosis of non convulsional epilepsy . Onother patient in jail was making comerce in jail, was blaming everyone for his situation, all the society for his situation, was potentially agressive, had a story of using drugs and multiple robberies, but i noticed, even in the harder moments of crises that he had compassion and a good heart. After giving an opportunity to work, all the antisocial traits disapeared. OF course , i have lots of classic antisocial patiens, someones are more than antisocial patients, someones are psychopats.BUT HOW CAN WE, FOR SURE MAKE THE DIFFERNETIAL DIAGNOSIS OF A PERSON WHO HAS JUST ANTISOCIAL TRAITS  FROM A PERSON WHO HAS A SOCIOPATIC DISORDER CONSIDERING THE LEGAL AND CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE DIAGNOSES OF ANTIPERSONALITY DISORDER SINE IT IS PERFECTLY POSSIBLE THAT ALL OF US CAN HAVE ONE OR MORE ANTISOCIAL TRAITS IN ANY MOMENT OF OURS LIVES, SPECIALLY WHEN WE ARE IN A SITUATION OF CRISIS ? 

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