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Insomnia: Recent Advances in Pharmacological Management

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - The pharmacological management of insomnia has a very long history.1 It seems likely that fermented beverages and sedating plant concoctions (such as opium) have been used for millennia for their sleep-promoting effects. With patent medicines came products such as laudanum, which frequently were taken to combat insomnia. This was followed by chloral hydrate in the 1860s and barbiturates in the early 1900s.

Several sedating pharmaceuticals, such as methyprylon,… Continue

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The Case of Factitious Disorder Versus Malingering

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Patients who exaggerate, feign, or induce physical illness are a great challenge to their physicians. Trained to trust their patients’ self-reports, even competent and conscientious physicians can fall victim to these deceptions. In doing so, the treating physician may unwittingly provide support for specious claims of illness or injury by conferring official diagnoses, or by delivering treatments that transform the patient from a pretender into a person with a genuine,… Continue

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Q&A: Chronic Pain and Mood Disorders—Identifying and Understanding Shared Neurophysiological Mechanisms

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Q: You recently gave a presentation, “Understanding the Mind-Body Relationship,” at the U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress in Las Vegas. What has recent research told us about the relationship between chronic pain and mood disorders?

A: Mood disorders and chronic pain are related on multiple levels. The genes that regulate the synthesis of serotonin transporter, opioid receptors, and inflammatory mediators seem to be compromised in patients with major… Continue

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Rape and the Heart of Darkness at Richmond High

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - The press reported it in various ways—either as a “brutal gang rape” or, more forensically, as a “2½-hour assault” on the Richmond High School campus. Anyway you look at it, the horrendous attack on a 15-year old girl raises troubling questions for theologians, criminologists, and, of course, psychiatrists. How do we understand an act as brutal as rape? What factors and forces in the rapist’s development can possibly account for such behavior? And how on earth do we… Continue

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On Narcissism, the Internet, and Social Networking Sites

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - I read with interest the posts of Dr John Grohol, PsyD regarding my commentary, "Twitter and YouTube: Unanticipated Consequences of the Self-Esteem Movement.” I had hoped it would bring attention to this topic and am glad that this has opened up an important dialogue. However, the author has missed the point.

It was not my intention to blame the internet for creating more narcissists or for causing irreparable harm to our children. In fact, nowhere in my article… Continue

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A Citizen Above Suspicion

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - When I thought of writing this letter, I was put in mind of Jean-Jacques Dessalines (1758 – 1806), the Emperor of the tiny nation of Haiti, writing to the most powerful man of that time, Napoleon Bonaparte. Like Dessalines, I am a grain of sand standing next to the huge mountain of the psychiatric establishment. Fortunately, there is Psychiatric Times (PT), which allows a "half-island nation" like me, and many others, to reach a wide audience. Some publications welcome… Continue

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Monitoring Pharmonitor

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Congratulations to Dr Alan A. Stone for taking the time to nail the bias contained in the Supplement discussed in his piece, “Reality-Checking: Case In Point.” And congratulations to Psychiatric Times for printing Dr Stone’s article. Perhaps PT is ready to take further steps in separating itself from the "educational efforts" sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that have so deeply corrupted the practice of psychiatry, and medicine.

For full article, please… Continue

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PET radiotracer enters Alzheimer trial

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - PET radiotracer enters Alzheimer trial

Bayer Schering Pharma of Germany will provide its experimental PET radiotracer florbetaben to the Swiss-based biopharmaceutical company AC Immune to evaluate the effects of a vaccine being tested to treat patients with Alzheimer´s disease.

For full article, please visit:…


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Continuation Treatment and Relapse Prevention in Pediatric Depression

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - The prevalence of depression in children and adolescents ranges from 2% to 8% in the general population, which indicates that depression in this population is a major public health concern.1-3 This is especially apparent when rates of depression are compared with other serious medical conditions in childhood, such as diabetes, which has a prevalence of 0.18%.4 The burden of depressive illness—including significant functional impairment in interpersonal relationships,… Continue

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Sexual “Conversion”? American Psychological Association Says Not Through Psychotherapy

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - In August, the American Psychological Association Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation released a report based on its systematic review of research on the effectiveness of sexual orientation change efforts.1

The report stated that there is little evidence to suggest that efforts to change a person’s sexual orientation from gay or lesbian to heterosexual are successful.

In fact, the report found that such efforts can… Continue

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How Many Psychiatrists Does it Take to Change a DSM - - or Rowing Backwards Into the Future . . . The DSM Process

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - We were encouraged to participate in the DSM revision process, and I excitedly contributed my suggestions to correct the flaws which I believed had been introduced by the symptom-based criteria-sets and decision-tree-thinking of DSM III and IV. (See Psych News, Viewpoints: “DSM-V Needs Mid-Course Correction” Dec.5,2008). I learned that many others also had suggested changes, but we all seemed to get similar, almost form-letter generic responses, thanking us and assuring us… Continue

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Treating Alcohol Dependence

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - The opioid antagonist naltrexone is approved for the treatment of alcohol dependence at an oral dosage of 50 mg daily. However, an alternative to daily use is for patients to take naltrexone when they anticipate a high-risk drinking situation. This targeted use of naltrexone seems to be particularly effective in men, according to a study by Kranzler and associates.1

Their study included 163 heavy drinkers whose goal was to reduce their drinking to safe limits.… Continue

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Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Eating problems are common in children and adolescents, and eating disorders typically have their onset during these developmental periods.1 Anorexia nervosa is a serious and potentially life-threatening disorder associated with severe food restriction, overexercise, malnutrition, and distorted thinking about body shape and weight. The typical age of onset is early adolescence (ages 12 to 15 years). Bulimia nervosa is characterized by periods of restriction followed by… Continue

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Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents Early Identification and Evidence-Based Treatment

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Anxiety disorders are one of the most common psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents, but they often go undetected or untreated. Identification and effective treatment of childhood anxiety disorders can decrease the negative impact of these disorders on academic and social functioning in youth and their persistence into adulthood.

This article reviews assessment and focuses on evidence-based treatment interventions for childhood anxiety disorders:… Continue

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It Takes a Village to Treat ADHD: Community and Clinical Collaborations

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES)- ABSTRACT: The majority of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are assessed and treated by primary care pediatricians. However, the services of others are frequently needed to provide optimal care for children with ADHD; one of the pediatrician’s most important roles is to serve as coordinator of the treatment team. A child’s parents are the most important members of the ADHD treatment team. Education of parents by professionals is the cornerstone… Continue

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Veteran in an Acute Dissociative State

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - A 24-year-old veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) presents to the ED mid-morning on a weekday. While the veteran is waiting to be triaged, other patients alert staff that he appears to be talking to himself and pacing around the waiting room. A nurse tries to escort the veteran to an ED examination room. Multiple attempts by the ED staff and hospital police—several of whom are themselves OIF veterans—are unsuccessful in calming the patient or persuading him to enter a… Continue

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