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A Psychodynamic Perspective on Treatment-Refractory Mood Disorders

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Preliminary findings from an ongoing naturalistic, longitudinal study of treatment outcome support the notion that work with patients who have treatment-refractory mood disorders is enhanced by the careful integration of a psychodynamic therapeutic approach into the customary biological approaches. Review of a series of cases led to the identification of nine core psychodynamic principles associated with good outcome in these cases.

Advances in the treatment of… Continue

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Re-Examining Seasonal Affective Disorder

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Seasonal patterns of illness have been recognized since ancient times, but the concept of seasonality in psychiatric disorders has only gained prominence in the past two decades. This article will briefly review the diagnosis, treatment and pathophysiology of winter seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Diagnostic and Clinical Features

The DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria classify SAD as a subtype or "course specifier" for recurrent major depressive episodes… Continue

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Geriatric Depression: Does Gender Make a Difference?

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Our society is experiencing significant demographic changes that are altering the profile of late-life depression in the United States. Both men and women are living longer, but the gender gap in longevity is widening. This disparity introduces a puzzling paradox: In the United States, women report more illnesses and health care utilization on average than men, despite the consistently greater life expectancy of women (Riley, 1990). Given the greater prevalence of… Continue

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