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January 2002 News and Blog Posts (3)

The Year Neurology Almost Took Over Psychiatry

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - In December 1880, the emerging profession of neurology almost absorbed psychiatry, which had established itself four decades earlier. The final confrontation was the culmination of an extremely bitter three-year battle, and the outcome was very much in doubt as representatives of each side prepared to testify before the New York State Senate Investigative Committee on Asylum Management. One possible outcome would be the recommendation that neurologists be given… Continue

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The Complex Interrelationship of Lithium and the Thyroid

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - The exact therapeutic mechanism of lithium in bipolar disorder (BD) remains unclear, due in part to its many actions on the cells of the central nervous system. The same complexity applies to the interactions between lithium and the thyroid. Lithium is widely known to impair the function of the thyroid through a variety of mechanisms.


In 1998, Lazarus listed impaired thyroidal uptake of iodine, impaired iodination of tyrosine, altered… Continue

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Depression in Adults With Diabetes

(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - Patients with diabetes are twice as likely to experience depression as those without diabetes (Anderson et al., 2001). The odds of depression are similar in type 1 and type 2 diabetes and are significantly higher in women than in men. Moreover, the psychiatric condition presents as major depression or elevated depression symptoms in 11% and 31%, respectively, of adults with diabetes (Anderson et al., 2001). The course of depression in diabetes tends to be severe, with… Continue

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