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Prematurity and Low Birth Weight Tied to Hyperactivity Disorder

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o Explain to parents that this study found that children with a history of preterm or close-to-term delivery have an increased risk of so-called hyperkinetic disorder, or ADHD.

o Be aware that the study found that even children born at term but with low birth weights are also at risk for the hyperactivity disorder.

AARHUS, Denmark, June 5 ? Children born prematurely and those born at term but with low birth weights have an increased risk of developing so-called hyperkinetic disorder, according to researchers here.

The syndrome, hyperkinetic disorder, includes a variety of activity and attention disturbances-hyperactivity, poor attention span, impulsive behavior--equivalent to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD combined type), according to a report in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. It is the fourth most frequent discharge diagnosis in child psychiatry in Denmark.

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