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Pregnant Drinking Increases Child's Risk of Alcohol Disorder

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o Inform interested patients that alcohol intake during pregnancy, especially in the first six months, increases the risk that their child will later develop an alcohol disorder such as alcohol dependency.

o Caution patients of child-bearing age that many authorities believe no amount of alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy.

HERSTON, Australia, Sept. 4 -- Children of mothers who drink during pregnancy have a greater risk of developing alcohol problems as they grow up, according to Australian researchers.

This is particularly so for mothers who drink during the first two trimesters, reported Rosa Alati, Ph.D., of the University of Queensland here, and colleagues, in the September issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.

Children exposed to at least three glasses of alcohol in utero per given occasion during the first two trimesters were about three times more likely to develop early- (ages 13 to 17) or late-onset (ages 18 to 21) alcohol disorders than those who were not exposed in utero, even after adjustment for a full range of confounding factors, the investigators found.

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