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(PSYCHIATRIC TIMES) - When I finished reading "Sexual Offenders With Mental Issues: Special Considerations for a Special Population," (Psychiatric Times, September 2007) I could hardly believe that Dr Rotter had not mentioned genetics! This is infinitely more important than whether sexual offenders are mentally ill! A genetic basis tells us "what to do about individuals who have been convicted of sexual crimes," and unequivocally supports that "over the past decade, we have witnessed initiatives that require sexual offenders to register with local and state criminal justice agencies, which can restrict sexual offenders from living in large geographic areas and leads to the civil commitment of sexual offenders upon release from prison (the latter is of greatest relevance for mental health practitioners)."

If a mental illness is diagnosed it also will have genetic determinants, so it is abundantly clear, even if it was not previously, that there is an overwhelming urgency for the development of gene therapy in all of medicine, as well as in the other areas.

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